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It wants to talk about a gun and a flag.
It use to tell me ‘bout a time that it had.
They’re always watching when I sleep in bed.
It cuts its dick off, called me an asshole.
You’ll never see me again. Monolith, monolith, monolith.
It’s reeling up again for more in a bit
on different waves to say the same old bullshit.
I should’ve never shaken the hand.
Of the forsaken and damned, I am.
You’ll never see me again. Monolith, monolith, monolith.
Monolith sometimes on its side. Goodbye.
Don’t wanna see you again.


from 1953​-​2013 (the Private Stock years), released August 1, 2016




House of the Rising Gun Florida

10s industrial/metal band, HOTRG, was killed in a horrific nightclub fire during a gig attended by a talent scout who could've broken them into the mainstream while teaching them a valuable life lesson. In 2016, Xenu himself sent the boys back to Earth for a battle of the bands where they would compete against time travelers, The Wild Stallions, and lose. Now they're stuck in this reality. ... more

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